Harley-Davidson® built a great bike when they developed the V-Rod. Kosman Specialties has designed and built a mid-controls conversion kit for V-Rod owners who desire a different riding position. This is a must for drag racing or other types of sport riding.

This is a complete, bolt-on kit supplied with all necessary hardware and instructions. One version of the kit will fit with stock exhaust system, and the other version will fit with Vance & Hines, Screaming Eagle, and many other aftermarket exhausts.

Aluminum parts are machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. Fabricated alloy steel parts are heliarc welded, and silver-gray or black powder-coated. The kit is also available in limited quantities in near-chrome silver powder-coat finish and uncoated (call for availability).

  • FRA-VR-MCS $445.00 for stock exhaust systems
  • FRA-VR-MC $445.00 for aftermarket exhaust systems
  • Kit for Aftermarket Exhaust in Silver-Gray Kit for Aftermarket Exhaust in Black
    Kit for Stock Exhaust in Silver-Gray Kit for Stock Exhaust in Black


    Kosman Specialties has designed and built a V-Rod Wheel, Brake and Chain Conversion Kit for drag racing. This is a bolt-on kit with complete instructions that requires minimal work to install on the bike. The kit is designed to use stock Buell wheels. We do not supply the wheels as they are available from the dealer or can easily be purchased used.


    • Convert from Pulley to Chain - Chain drive is more efficient, will accept more horsepower, and allows for final drive ratio adjustment.
    • Add struts - Struts made from billet aluminum lower the bike, have wheelie bar mounts, and provide a rigid suspension for drag racing.
    • Replace Stock Wheels - the 17" Buell wheels that replace the 19/18" stock wheels are light, inexpensive (not included in kit). They allow the use of a wider selection of quality tires, including the Mickey Thompson Shootout tire, which is only available in 17" size.
    • Axle Adjustment - Drag-race quality axle adjusters included
    • Better Brakes - Replacement brakes are lighter and more powerful than the stock V-Rod hydraulics.

    This kit features:

    • Kosman floating cast-iron rotors with billet aluminum centers
    • Brembo 4-piston calipers and hangers
    • 530 chain drive conversion with 21T countershaft sprocket and your choice of rear sprocket (45-60T available)
    • Rear sprocket adaptor includes additional bearing for rigidity
    • Special axles, wheel spacers, and chain adjusters
    • Stainless steel front brake line
    • Optional Billet aluminum rear struts for drag racing ($150)
  • FRA-VR-WBC $2,050.00


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